I found a White Browed Woodswallow!

by | Apr 16, 2023 | Bird Trips

On this trip to the famed Sandy Camp Wetlands I sighted the White Browed Woodswallow! This bird has brought attention to the wetlands all over social media sending photographers into a craze. The woodswallow generally doesn’t live near the coast and likes to stay further inland, therefore it was a super rare occasion to see one at Sandy Camp. Both genders were sighted! (photos below)

Apart from these astonishing birds I also took some of my best photos of the Peaceful Dove and the Bar Shouldered Dove! Other birds included the Kookaburra, Eastern Great Egrets, Spangled Drongo, Pied Cormorants and Superb Fairy Wrens.

Sandy Camp is home to 100+ species and is definitely a must for any bird watcher to visit!